From the Other Side of the Ocean Blue

Although the sun was high, Bartolomeo found Cristoforo abed, his appearance alarming. The eye which had been slightly swollen when Bartolomeo left for the interior a fortnight ago was now engorged with blood, a color more notable for the pallidness of the face around it. Sweat beads lined his forehead, and a shivering permeated Cristoforo’s […]

Music Tastes Good’s Bittersweet Symphony

Subtitle: Josh Fischel’s Music Taste Good…even without Josh Dude, Ween just played my festival! That is exactly what Josh Fischel would say the next time I saw him. If only there were a next time. I know just how his voice would sound, just how his eyes would look, just how he’d smile as soon […]

RIP, Josh Fischel; or A Big Man Leaves a Big Hole Behind

I met Josh Fischel in early 2013. He died yesterday, September 29, 2016. No, that can’t be right. That would mean everything I experienced of and with this man took place in less than four years. That can’t be right. The first three things I learned about Josh were probably the first three things most […]

– LN & the Allies of WWIII – the LBC Here, Now, Forever

(Album artwork by Christopher Lyles) Don’t Do Anything! (This is Happening) LN & the Allies of WWIII Most artists yearn to create work that will last. We feel it in our bones. If I can just leave SOMETHING behind…. We marvel uncomprehendingly at those monks making sand mandalas, working in shifts for weeks while knowing […]

Lamenting the Death of an Unforgivably Stupid Friend

I caught the segment on the midday news: a wrong-way driver on the 5 freeway, a head-on collision, one dead in each car. It’s the kind of story where you don’t have to wait for the toxicology report. Some asshole had way more than a little too much to drink but got in his car […]

REVIEW: T2 Trainspotting

When Richard Linklater made Before Sunset in 2004, you would never have guessed that nine years earlier he didn’t already have in place a plan to revisit the main characters of Before Sunrise. That’s how well its sequels (Before Midnight joined its predecessors in 2013) expand on their foundation, playing off ideas about the past, […]

In Case of Emergency, or Why Republican Electors Should Make Clinton President

I supported Bernie Sanders for president. When he failed to obtain the Democratic Party’s nomination, it was a fait accompli that on January 20, 2017, my country would be inaugurating a president I did not wish for that office. My misgivings about Hillary Clinton were—and are—too great for me to be “with her.” But Donald […]

Your Marijuana Voting Guide: Yes on 64 and MM, No on MA

Election Day is coming, and maybe you’re not sure how to vote on the various marijuana measures before you. May I be of service? State Measure 64 In 1996, California lived up to its progressive reputation by becoming the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. But since then voters first in Oregon and […]

A Dozen Bites of the LBC’s Music Tastes Good

Call this a sampler platter or some remnants from the buffet. It’s not meant to be a full meal, but perhaps these 12 nibbles will impart a bit of flavor from Long Beach’s first-ever, very own, full-blown music festival, a super success showing that we’re finally old enough to dine at the big-kids’ table. Bon appétit. 1. […]

Long Beach Leaders Still Wrong on Medpot Question

My break into Long Beach journalism came in 2008 when an East Village Arts District medpot dispensary I was talking to about neighborhood resistance they were encountering got raided by the DEA. I was the only one who had looked into the original story, which had just become an order of magnitude bigger. It got […]

The Rebuilding of Miniature Houses

Bands come and go, even the biggest. So when a little band you love is together for little over year and then goes quiet after recording next to nothing without even getting to the point of trying to break out of the local scene, it’s almost certain you should kiss them goodbye. What an unexpected […]

Why David Bowie’s Death Is Harder to Imagine Than Your Own

You don’t have to dwell on your own mortality to know that you’re going to die. We’re all going to die. It’s a fact of life. Yet so is David Bowie. His music has been a cultural touchstone for nearly half a century. But unlike with so much other music, his image (make that plural, […]

An Open Letter of Apology to XANADU

  Dear Xanadu, I must have been about 13 when we met. HBO was new to my suburban Orange County life, and a group of movies is chunked together in my experience of that brave new world of programming. Raging Bull. Brubaker. Fame. And you, Xanadu. I can’t say you made a very good impression […]

Tom Stoppard’s DARKSIDE @ the Garage Theatre

REVIEW Tom Stoppard’s Darkside, incorporating Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon the Garage Theatre, 2015-Aug-01 ***WORLD PREMIERE STAGING (a big deal in the little berg of Long Beach)*** If you didn’t know otherwise, you would never guess that the Garage Theatre’s presentation Darkside is not merely their interpretation of this Tom Stoppard masterwork, […]

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MUSIC Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Henry Fonda Spoiler alert: the show was great, the staff less so. GAY RIGHTS Long Beach Dilemma: Protest Or Ignore The Gay Hate? The “God Hates Fags” folks came to Long Beach, California. What was a non-hater to do? Non-Gay Gaiety Over the Prop. 8 Overturn I’m not gay. […]

Can’t blame you.

Can’t blame you.  Order it here:         Cost:  $10.

Well, I helped.

Well, I helped.  But in terms of the front-cover concept, the layout, the drawings, and all the computer-graphics-whatever-you-call-it stuff, that was shea M gauer, a longtime Long Beach resident who’s really good at this stuff.  Don’t believe me?  Check him out online at ontheroughseesofmyeyes.  He also co-owned {open}, the bitchen bookstore/performance space, which was the non-virtual […]

The sudden death of Perry Gregson’s chronically ill little sister impels him to return

Retiring history professor Perry Gregson wonders whether it had to be this way. Should he have known to turn down a semester abroad so he would have been with his chronically ill little sister when she passed away? Could he have avoided turning her death into a template for severing his romantic bonds? The Use […]

Can’t Help But See [section 39 of The Use of Regret]

I see why she wants to draw them.  The clouds are a tableau of swirl and roll that’s catching an impossible luminous pink.  They’re turning smoke gray from east to west, it’s just the edges now but you know it’s coming, you can see it happening if you watch carefully enough.  She’s sketching madly, outline, […]

no destination

Call it a blog or whatever you like, but it’s called No Destination, and it’s my latest nonfiction, and it’s here.  (Where?  There.  Click that cute little icon to the left.)

Bridge View, Parts 1 and 2 [sections 69 and 77 of The Use of Regret]

Black glass rippling Wind-disturbed opacity A canal at night Together we look I sneak a glance at you, all too impermanent

Let us discuss pain.

This is an archive. But it’s not just any archive: this the only authorized compilation of links to Greggory Moore articles published passim on the Internet. (Not to imply there are unauthorized compilations, but who knows?) Step inside for links to tales of police (mis)behavior, marijuana, film, music, government, theatre, literature, gay rights, and everyday […]

Biographical text

Except for his first two years of life (Ohio) and a much later four-month jag (Comoros, a third-worldy island nation in the Indian Ocean between southern Africa and Madagascar), Greggory Moore has always resided in Southern California, including his current digs in a historical landmark in downtown Long Beach. While there (here), he has done […]

Face [section 67 of The Use of Regret]

I don’t know what you’d think seeing me at the mirror now.  I always linger, my eyes hovering about my image:  my hairline, my pores and lips, the contours of my jawbone, a nostril, wrinkled skin, the eyes themselves.  My expression is always neutral, empty.  It seems I am searching for something, I don’t know […]

I have written a novel

I have written a novel, The Use of Regret.  What is it about?  I sort of try to explain a little bit, a very little bit.  You can read that here, or buy the novel (that’s better), plus you can find out other things, like who designed its great cover.

My Struggle, It’s Nothing [section 57 of The Use of Regret]

I’m tormented by the idea that it’s all nothing.  I accept that things exist—coffee, Casablanca, you, your favorite songs—and I allow for their valuations, subjective as they may be, that things matter or they don’t, are wholly good or wholly bad or fall somewhere in between.  But what is the Holocaust to water or to […]