Except for his first two years of life (Ohio) and a much later four-month jag (Comoros, a third-worldy island nation in the Indian Ocean between southern Africa and Madagascar), Greggory Moore has always resided in Southern California, including his current digs in a historical landmark in downtown Long Beach. While there (here), he has done various things with words, including for the Los Angeles Times, the OC Weekly, The District Weekly, Daily Kos, L.A. Record, Long Beach’s Gazette newspapers, LBPost.com, and GreaterLongBeach.com, along with a number of literary and film journals, Websites, etc. Once upon a time he was the Jerry Rice Jr. of the Top Gun Flag Football League, setting the all-time single-season receptions record and on multiple occasions leading all dozen or so cities in yards, receptions, and touchdowns, but now he is enjoying his retirement, awaiting his Hall of Fame enshrinement (as soon as they set one up).

  • Cris Collinsworth unknowingly posing as a paleface version of thehellip
    Cris Collinsworth unknowingly posing as a pale-face version of the Redskins logo. Perhaps not  @nbcsports ' proudest moment. Then again, the  @redskins  name and logo aren't exactly the  @nfl 's proudest moment, either. Like many NFL fans, growing up I never once heard or even considered "redskins" as offensive. The only meaning the word had for me was the Washington football team. But that was my ignorance. No-one would dream of an expansion team's coming into the league calling themselves the Blackskins and having a Zulu warrior as a logo on the side of their helmets. The only difference is that the Redskins organization has tradition on its side. But some traditions wear out their welcome; some should never have begun.
  • Featuring crispy shhh its a secret chicken strips Not ahellip
    "Featuring crispy (shhh it's a secret) chicken strips." Not a throwback to before Popeyesgate, but a current display. The word you're looking for is 'temerity.'
  • I bet everyone would agree that whoever dumped this ishellip
    I bet everyone would agree that whoever dumped this is an asshole. But if you discard your butts on the street one at a time, you're the same asshole at a slower pace.
  • Job op
    Job op.
  • I dont recall its being missing in March 2014 buthellip
    I don't recall its being missing in March 2014, but apparently Julianne Moore wore my coat while shooting _Still Alice_.