Except for his first two years of life (Ohio) and a much later four-month jag (Comoros, a third-worldy island nation in the Indian Ocean between southern Africa and Madagascar), Greggory Moore has always resided in Southern California, including his current digs in a historical landmark in downtown Long Beach. While there (here), he has done various things with words, including for the Los Angeles Times, the OC Weekly, The District Weekly, Daily Kos, L.A. Record, Long Beach’s Gazette newspapers, LBPost.com, and GreaterLongBeach.com, along with a number of literary and film journals, Websites, etc. Once upon a time he was the Jerry Rice Jr. of the Top Gun Flag Football League, setting the all-time single-season receptions record and on multiple occasions leading all dozen or so cities in yards, receptions, and touchdowns, but now he is enjoying his retirement, awaiting his Hall of Fame enshrinement (as soon as they set one up).

  • Hey putting aside the question of how necessary it washellip
    Hey, putting aside the question of how necessary it was, I like the bridge. I'm a sucker for pretty lights. But only a backwater berg believes in iconicity by fiat. Reminds me of the time we thought writing "The most bicycle friendly city in America" on the side of city hall somehow made it so. If we want to be an international city, how about we stop talking like a one-horse town? Let's ease up on our grandiloquent historical pronouncements. The Eiffel Tower is iconic. Big Ben is iconic. The Colosseum and the Sphinx and the Empire State Building -- and hey, maybe the Queen Mary, too -- are iconic. This is a pretty little bridge that's been up for about 10 minutes, you know? The Golden Gate this ain't.
  • Armed standoff on Ocean Blvd
    Armed standoff on Ocean Blvd.
  • It rained all day Friday but Friday night the cityoflongbeachcahellip
    It rained all day Friday, but Friday night the  @cityoflongbeachca  was not only watering the medians directly in front of city hall, but flooding them. I never cease to be amazed at the disconnect between our city's "green" talk and the way we conduct ourselves.
  • Even with a good view of the action I canthellip
    Even with a good view of the action, I can't figure out the logic of pouring entire cans of soda and beer into plastic cups. How about handing each person the can and sparing the plastic waste? Bonus: the line will go faster.  #plasticpollution 
  • One of my favorite bits of street art in Longhellip
    One of my favorite bits of street art in Long Beach. It's been there for years. I'll never reveal the location, lest some busybody City employee confuses a misguided sense of duty with actually making the city better.