Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Henry Fonda
Spoiler alert: the show was great, the staff less so.


Long Beach Dilemma: Protest Or Ignore The Gay Hate?
The “God Hates Fags” folks came to Long Beach, California. What was a non-hater to do?

Non-Gay Gaiety Over the Prop. 8 Overturn
I’m not gay. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have been happier that the state Supreme Court saved the good people of California from their terrible decision.


Something to Do in the Face of Mortality

Lessons for Long Beach (and Everywhere) Direct Via Burning Man
Out there in the middle of nowhere there’s a lot we can bring back home.


Why #IamCharlie #JeSuisCharlie, Whether or Not I’m on the Same Page as Charlie Hebdo


Police Chief Confirms Detaining Photographers Within Departmental Policy
An exploration of why police are supposed to write Suspicious Activity Reports on photographers taking pictures with “no apparent esthetic value.”

Knowing When We Don’t Know
When Long Beach police shot the unarmed Doug Zerby, there was a ton of strong opinion supporting and condemning the cops, although at the time there was barely an ounce of knowledge on either side.


“I met a girl. It’s not what you might think.”

on the Roy Laird mercy killing


Tom Stoppard’s Darkside (world premiere staging)
Tom Stoppard imagined that staging his radio play Darkside would be difficult, where not impossible. But in fully fleshing out Stoppard’s touching meditation on the maddening search for Good in a world whose light is hidden under a bushel, Long Beach’s Garage Theatre showed itself to be the little theatre that could.





The Process of Life in 2001: A Space Odyssey
You might think it’s pretentious and arrogant to say I seem to be the only person who’s figured out what this film is really about. But you haven’t read the essay yet.

Live Fast, Die Young: The Death of The District Weekly
For a glorious < 3 years Long Beach had its own alt-weekly. And then it imploded.

Stewart Copeland Talks About His Opera Adaptation of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’
Yes, Stewart Copeland of The Police, except without any questions about The Police.

Dissection of a DEA Raid
Always wanted to know what it’s like when the DEA kicks in your medpot dispensary’s door, except without the part where your dispensary’s door gets kicked in? Here’s your chance.